Dasein is a Postmodern, Meta-Cult cinema. In this film the filmmaker tries to re-investigate core values of existentialism, nihilism, futurism and deconstruction theory.  The film deals with issues such as person hood, mortality and the paradox of living in relationship with other humans while being ultimately alone with one self. The story revels that morality does not inherently exist, and that any established moral values are abstractly contrived. It explores the roots of eternal human desire and despair. The crisis of existence and human values in today’s material world has been portrayed in the film.  ‘Dasein’ belong to the Meta modern art, where hybridization of different genres, art forms and cultures are observed. The key features of this film are paradox, scepticism and absurdity. It’s narrative landscape, it’s narrative tenor, the sense of the uncanny that it is enshrouded in that way it works less in literal sense and more in figurative way. The film proceeds according to dream logic. It is a voyage from one’s consciousness to sub consciousness and at times the boundary between reality and hyper reality becomes blurring. ‘Dasein’ is an experimental work. Experimentation in all aspects of film making i.e. narrative structure, acting style, cinematography, editing, sound designing, colour toning has been done. Finally this film is all about one’s search for the absolute truth, his inner self and salvation.  Here, the filmmaker tries to redefine the cinematic art form in an unconventional way.

DIRECTED BY Shailik Bhaumik | PRODUCED BY HLC Studios

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